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Wooldridge, The Road to Conscious Machines

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927): the robot and its creator

I find histories of artificial intelligence very revealing. Computing as an academic discipline is relatively recent, but AI in particular has always been a cross-over subject, something that has been studied by academics for over 75 …

A Brief History of Encyclopaedias – too brief, and not brief enough

Andrew Brown: A Brief History of Encyclopaedias

(Hesperus, 2011)

Anyone who includes spoof encyclopedia titles on the book cover (A Complete Guide to Dysslexia), and starts a book about encyclopedias with a joke can’t be entirely dismissed. Andrew Brown starts his book as …

Newspapers and magazines: beyond digital subscriptions

When newspapers started to become available on the Web, the first decision – and one that has never been completely resolved – was whether the content should be free to view or available only by paid access.


The paid model that emerged initially was …

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