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Unravelling Ravelry: how to build an online community

There can never have been a more appropriate name for a website. Ravelry can refer not only to the practice of knitting (of which this site must be the definitive community) but also to the astonishingly intricate structure of the site. Ravelry comprises not one …

How to find recipes

Eat Your Books home page: the first message is a sales pitch

Here is a problem we are all familiar with. Whether we have three or thirty-three recipe books, we always have trouble finding that elusive recipe that we cooked a couple of months ago …

Can you learn how to build an online community from a book?

Well, there are plenty of books out there that imply you can. I selected two of the more widely available titles and compared them:

Millington, R., 2012. Buzzing communities: how to build bigger, better, and more active online communities. FeverBee.

Ng, D., 2011. Online community …

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