Author: Michael Upshall

Facts vs. Fake News: Who decides what is True?

The impressive title, “Facts vs. Fake News: Who Decides What is True?”, suggested a session that perhaps with hindsight was difficult to live up to. It was one of those topics that sounded self-evident, yet when people started discussing it turned out to be rather …

What semantic enrichment means for academic publishing

Anyone reading the latest issue of the invaluable Research Information (The Meaning of Semantics, Four industry figures discuss the latest developments around semantic enrichment with Tim Gillett) would be left little the wiser about semantic enrichment after reading it. Although the line-up of people interviewed

Are there good and bad metaphors?

George Lakoff is famous (according to Wikipedia) for the “conceptual metaphor theory”, which is that people are influenced by the metaphors they use.

Intrigued by this claim, I read the short book Metaphors We Live By (1980), by Lakoff and co-author Mark Johnson.  Sure enough, …

Crossing the Chasm: a classic business title

It’s so sweet to see names such as “Word Perfect”or “VisiCalc” Such names have the magical aura of products remembered from long ago, like “Bovril” or Cod Liver Oil.  Crossing the Chasm is full of such names, even though the author Geoffrey Moore candidly admits …

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