Thinking about Digital Publishing

Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

Do books influence digital culture?

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Photo by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash

I had high hopes for a post entitled “How books influence digital culture”. It’s an interesting topic; but  the post itself (on the Good E-Reader platform) is a disservice to books. Moreover, it’s barely literate, …

Has search found the answer yet?

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If you ask Google “What is the ugliest language in the world?” it will give you an answer (Kannada, according to Google, at least until 2021, when there was a minor scandal in the Indian …

Is Open Access Open Excess?

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Image by Jonny Glos at Unsplash

A remarkable comment (“Open excess: remove open access burden from REF”) on the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) claims that open access is a burden on higher education. The comment, by three research managers at …

The Joy of Search

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Daniel Russell was for over ten years the head of search at Google, so a book by him about search raises considerable expectations. His book is written for the common reader, I accept, but it was a bit of a shock …

Should scholarly societies outsource their publishing?

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Photo from Wikipedia, by Vmenkov – Own work (CC BY-SA 3.0)

There was an excellent presentation at this year’s UKSG Conference on scholarly society publishers, followed by a preprint article on Zenodo. The survey, by Rob Johnson and Elle Malcolmson …

The Role of the library in evaluating tools for scholarly workflow

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The Famous 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communications graphic from 2015

A workshop at the UKSG Annual Conference 2024 revealed, I believe, a vital role for the institutional library.

I joined a fascinating workshop run by the energetic and motivating Judith Carr …

How not to index the Pevsner Architectural Guides

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Devotees of human indexing (see, for example, Dennis Duncan, Index, A History of the) might want to try looking up a place in index of the Pevsner Architectural Guides to Scotland, specifically, the volume for Dundee and Angus (by John …

The UKSG Conference 2024

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One of the better slides at the UKSG Conference

All conferences follow a similar format. If the conference is big enough, you have some plenary sessions, plus some smaller-scale seminars and break-out sessions. You might have workshops, and most likely a …

Do we need speed cameras for research integrity?

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Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

In a provocative post on Scholarly Kitchen, Angela Cochran (VP of Publishing of one of the most prestigious scholarly societies, the American Society for Clinical Oncology) argues that societies should not be burdened with the …

Using AI in the Research Ecosystem

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From David De Roure’s presentation: the differing popularity of the terms “artificial inteligence” and “machine learning” over the past seventy or so years

Conferences and presentations about AI are everywhere these days, but this half-day event, part of the AI …

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