Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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Timeline of Library history

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Ipswich County Library, the second oldest municipal library in the UK

I noticed a lack of any timeline of library history in the recent introduction The Library: A Fragile History (2022), and I didn’t see one in Wikipedia either, so here …

The Library: a Fragile History

Reading Time: 7 minutes

In many countries, especially the UK, the public library is under threat. Despite the establishment of public lending right over 100 years ago, the very existence of public libraries is coming into question: public libraries are underfunded and being closed by …

Can AI help with garbage deletion?

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Photo by Edu Grande on Unsplash

Todd Carpenter, in a Scholarly Kitchen article, praises Esther Dyson’s phrase “garbage deletion”, by which she means the process of removing objects in a search and leaving only the good contents. “Good” here means appropriate …

Ten dates

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The Praca do Comercio, Lisbon

I am on holiday in Portugal, and, like many tourists, I have an idle curiosity about the city of Lisbon and about the history of the country. Where better to begin than looking at a general …

When was the first public library?

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Imagine the Roman soldiers with their tunics coming to borrow the latest Latin novel [Photo by Pauline Andan on Unsplash]

In the murky early history of libraries, there are several claims that the first public library was established in the ancient Roman Empire. Trying …

The Library in the Digital Age

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Rock Road Library, Cambridge (photo: Cambridgeshire Collection)

What are libraries for? This question was prompted by being given a copy of The Library: A Fragile History (2021), by Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen, for Christmas (full disclosure: I asked …

The London Encyclopaedia

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I picked up a copy of this successful reference book in a charity shop for £3.50. It was the first edition, from 1983 and there have been at least two subsequent editions, but the concept and coverage are unlikely to have …

The STM Innovations Day 2023

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A delivery robot: an example of innovation in practice (Image: Starship Technologies)

How do you communicate, or encourage, technical innovation in academic publishing? This is something the STM Association has been grappling with for years. Innovation is a good thing, but …

Metaphors for generative AI

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Generative AI as The Terminator, wreaking havoc?

Metaphors help us make sense of things, that’s for sure. Without going deeply into Lakoff territory (he claims there are “good” and “bad” metaphors, for very idiosyncratic reasons), I found some of the metaphors …

Search Solutions 2023: it’s RAGtime!

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Creating new knowledge with AI: an illustration by Paul Cleverly of a tool based on text embedding that plots two variables against each other to enable new knowledge in geoscience to be generated.

The last twelve months, up to November 2023, …

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