Some implications of "digital" for academic publishing

Category: AI

Why algorithms need a critical audience

Dan Kolkmann made an interesting point in his recent post about algorithms, entitled, charmingly, ““F**k the algorithm”?: What the world can learn from the UK’s A-level grading fiasco”. The article looks at an example of algorithmic bias, and how best to deal with …

Machine Learning and Libraries

Library of Congress [public domain]

I was interested to see a new report, Machine Learning + Libraries, commissioned by the Library of Congress. Actually, the report is from LC Labs, a team in the Library Digital Strategy Directorate, so it looks as though this …

Wooldridge, The Road to Conscious Machines

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927): the robot and its creator

I find histories of artificial intelligence very revealing. Computing as an academic discipline is relatively recent, but AI in particular has always been a cross-over subject, something that has been studied by academics for over 75 …

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