Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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Crossing the Chasm: a classic business title

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s so sweet to see names such as “Word Perfect”or “VisiCalc” Such names have the magical aura of products remembered from long ago, like “Bovril” or Cod Liver Oil.  Crossing the Chasm is full of such names, even though the author …

Sparklines: Beautiful Evidence or Muddled Graphics?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you understand this graphic? It is an example of a sparkline, by Edward Tufte. Tufte was, if not the originator of sparklines, one of its earliest advocates. He wrote about them in his book Beautiful Evidence (2006); he defines sparklines as …

Seven classic books about computing

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Library Image by Dmitrij Paskevic (CC0)

The books I’m thinking about might not be quite as old as the ones in the photo, but at least some of them will have I hope the patina of age. One of the slightly poignant aspects of working in computing …

The secrets of consulting – still a classic?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Secrets of Consulting -  cover

At around one joke or witty rule per page, this is a wonderfully entertaining read.  Any book that gathers 1994 ratings on Goodreads is worth looking at. In fact, The Secrets of Consulting gets a higher rating on Goodreads than Moby-Dick

Don’t make me think! Revisited

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis is the latest in a series looking at classic technology titles. For another example click here

Don’t Make me Think! That title! There are few examples in publishing of a book title catching your attention and at the same …

Classic computing titles: The Inmates are running the Asylum

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Whatever they teach you on a computing degree, it doesn’t seem to be sufficient to create an effective web site. One of the paradoxes of the modern world is that we are surrounded by IT, and yet those who have studied …

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