Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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Along came Google … and what happened next

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This is the story of a tragedy: a step forward for the academic community that was resisted and then blocked. It’s difficult to imagine, but Along Came Google (Princeton, 2021) is as gripping as any thriller – except for the conclusion.…

Is the future of academic publishing an octopus?

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A 17th-century coffee house (Wikipedia, public domain). Although Wikipedia claims it is an English coffee house, the caption clearly states Paris.

I have a lovely mental image of the Enlightenment in full swing. Inside a coffee house in Edinburgh, or Paris, …

In defence of book reviews

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Figure 1 A typical firewalled review of an academic title

What is the point of book reviews – to be specific, books that potentially

have some kind of academic interest? David Beer, in an interesting LSE Impact blog post (which …

Where do review articles fit within the scholarly user journey?

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The academic research journey must be one of the most studied aspects of higher education. One of the most impressive visually was the infographic by Jeroen Bosman and Bianca Kramer in 2016 (for example a presentation at the Force2016 Conference), showing …

Why are the Oxford Very Short Introductions so successful?

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What makes the Oxford Very Short Introductions series such a stunning success? With over eight million copies sold, they have been honoured by articles in the mainstream media: Kathryn Schulz in the New Yorker devoted a not-so-short article in 2017 to …

Search and discovery on O’Reilly Online Learning

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A recent excellent webinar about the O’Reilly Online Learning site, part of the excellent Haystack Conferences, was presented by Anthony Groves, O’Reilly Media’s Technical Lead of Search, and promised a fascinating insight into how discovery should be provided. Some might …

Are e-books a failure?

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The Amazon Kindle e-book reader (CC BY-SA 3.0)

It wasn’t just me saying it – no less a figure than Arnaud Nourry, head of Hachette, said it in a 2018 interview: “The e-book is a stupid product. It is exactly …

How to find recipes

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Eat Your Books home page: the first message is a sales pitch

Here is a problem we are all familiar with. Whether we have three or thirty-three recipe books, we always have trouble finding that elusive recipe that we cooked a …

How to justify open-access publishing

Reading Time: 2 minutesJoe Esposito’s contributions to Scholarly Kitchen are always well-argued and present an argument from a business-informed point of view that is mercifully free of much of the sloppy thinking around academic publishing. So it was very disappointing to see how negative …

Is the London Book Fair interested in scholarly publishing?

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Ever since Online Information stopped running, several years ago (the last show I attended was in 2011, the last time it took place at Olympia), there has been an opportunity for a London publishing event based around technical and professional publishing. …

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