Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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How not to index the Pevsner Architectural Guides

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Devotees of human indexing (see, for example, Dennis Duncan, Index, A History of the) might want to try looking up a place in index of the Pevsner Architectural Guides to Scotland, specifically, the volume for Dundee and Angus (by John …

When was the first public library?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Imagine the Roman soldiers with their tunics coming to borrow the latest Latin novel [Photo by Pauline Andan on Unsplash]

In the murky early history of libraries, there are several claims that the first public library was established in the ancient Roman Empire. Trying …

Is a manual index worth doing?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Note: I found Duncan’s book so fascinating that I subsequently wrote a much longer post about the book and the issues it raises.

That question is not exactly what Dennis Duncan has answered in his new book (Index, a history

Artificial Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction (Margaret Boden, 2016)

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I’m a great admirer of the Very Short Introductions: clear, concise outlines of a topic by an expert in the field. Well, this book is certainly very short, but how good is it as an introduction?  Readers hoping for a good …

How exhibition catalogues are organised

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Nicolaes Maes, Vertumnus and Pomona, c.1655, not in the exhibition catalogue (but who knows?)

When creating a digital collection of textual content, some attempt is made to structure the individual texts in a standard way. After all, every journal article has …

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