Some implications of "digital" for academic publishing

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Why are the Oxford Very Short Introductions so successful?

What makes the Oxford Very Short Introductions series such a stunning success? With over eight million copies sold, they have been honoured by articles in the mainstream media: Kathryn Schulz in the New Yorker devoted a not-so-short article in 2017 to the series and attempted …

Can online conferences improve on their live equvalents?

The STM Frankfurt Conference 2019. In case you’ve forgotten what real (non-virtual) conferences were like: small screens, big heads in front of you.

Simon Inger, in an interesting post on Scholarly Kitchen (July 7, 2020), makes a tantalising suggestion: an online conference could in some …

Serendipity as a rule for life

The spectacular foyer of Waterstones Bookshop, Cambridge. Each book on the wall has a handwritten recommendation.

Many years ago, at the start of my career in publishing, an old hand told me what, in his opinion, was the only marketing principle that mattered in trade …

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