Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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From Bag-of-Words to BERT and beyond: a hands-on practical

Reading Time: 6 minutes
This is a sparse matrix – most of the elements are zero. Simple, really.

An account of the Search Solutions Conference practical session, 22 November 2022

The annual Search Solutions Conference is not just a great way to keep up …

The Post-Publication Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Review of The Theory of the Leisure Class, from The American Journal of Sociology, Vol 5, No 6 (May 1900)

Books and journal articles are not the same – you hear this all the time, but I for one …

What makes a book or article significant?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Cover of the paperback edition of Nudge (2021,”final” edition)

The traditional measure of academic significance, invented way back in the 1960s, is the citation index. If a paper is cited, then it has significance for other researchers. If we count the …

Who reads scholarly book reviews?

Reading Time: 4 minutes
The TLS: around 35 book reviews every week

It is a commonplace that nobody reads any more – the Web has put a stop to all that. I googled “Has the Internet destroyed reading?” and got 378 million hits, including (among …

Books of the Year 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutesThis is the time of year when the newspapers announce their books of the year. Unfortunately, the reviewers often praise each other’s books, or simply state they couldn’t put it down, without explaining why. Things are a bit different here; every …

Text Analytics Forum: a valuable guide to what is happening

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The second year of the Text Analytics Forum took place Washington, DC, last week, and it was good to see the conference building from its first iteration and developing in range.  Tom Reamy, the conference chair and organiser, has shaped this …

The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought (1977)

Reading Time: 3 minutesThat word “modern”, of course, always raises problems. As soon as you label a book as “modern” it appears outdated very quickly. So the Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought, first published 1977, now looks very dated. Nonetheless, a title that …

How not to find things with Pevsner

Reading Time: 3 minutesPevsner Bedfordshire cover

I hesitate to criticize Pevsner’s Buildings of England series; I have used the books with immense pleasure for many years. Pevsner appears not only to have seen everything, but to have an informed and perceptive (and often pointed ) comment about …

Histropedia – a new way to visualize history?

Reading Time: 3 minutesHistropedia is a site that enables you to create timelines from Wikipedia entries.  According to the two founders of Histropedia (a very klunky name, which makes me think of histrionics), it is “a new type of website that will transform the …

A Brief History of Encyclopaedias – too brief, and not brief enough

Reading Time: 2 minutesAndrew Brown: A Brief History of Encyclopaedias

(Hesperus, 2011)

Anyone who includes spoof encyclopedia titles on the book cover (A Complete Guide to Dysslexia), and starts a book about encyclopedias with a joke can’t be entirely dismissed. Andrew Brown …

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