Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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What impact does AI have on academic publishing? A new survey

This survey, produced by the Enago Academy, is a thorough and detailed look at the use of AI in academic publishing (the completed survey, “Role and Impact of AI on the Future of Academic Publishing”, is available for download here). While AI tools …

The Fiesole Retreat 2022: The role of the library

National Library of Greece, Athens (photo by Georgios Liakopoulos)

What are libraries for? If you are going to have a public discussion, why not start with the big questions, and that question came up repeatedly at the 2022 Fiesole Retreat, the first in three years, …

Learning about AI by doing it

The JISC Explore AI website

Here was a webinar with a crucial difference: in addition to a presentation of a topic, delegates had the chance to try some hands-on interactive tools for themselves, in addition to being given a guided journey through the building of …

Things you didn’t know about Google search

This is the engine we all use for general searching

In his introduction to Karen Blakeman’s talk about Google search tools (“Google’s Family of Databases”), Martin White suggested that nobody knows more about Google search than Karen Blakeman – not even Google. From …

Researcher to Reader: the first face-to-face event for two years

It seems strange to have chairs with nobody sitting on them, while the screen is busy; but better this than only virtual

Discussions will rage over the benefits and drawbacks of face-to-face and online conferences, but one way to deal with it is to offer …

“Wikipedia is based on evidence, not anecdotes”

This claim is common in Wikipedia discussions; most recently, I read it in an article  by Andy Tattersall on the LSE Impact of Social Science blog. I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but is it true of Wikipedia? You don’t have to look far to …

Can AI redefine the scholarly communication landscape?

Some of the AI tools in use for scholarly publishing

A fascinating webinar by MyScienceWork examined this question, and certainly provided some answers, some directly, and others by implication. The webinar is available on YouTube, but if you are in a hurry, I can tell …

Will preprints conquer the world?

Data servers (Unsplash)

In December 2021, eLife received additional funding specifically for preprints.

The new funding will allow eLife to advance its vision for a system of curation around preprints that replaces journal titles as the primary trust indicator of a paper’s perceived quality and

How to write about books you haven’t read

The 2007 French best-seller

Some years ago, I read the wonderfully titled How to talk about books you haven’t read (Pierre Bayard, 2007) (and yet, I actually read it from start to finish). Actually, Bayard’s book isn’t quite about the kind of non-reading I had …

Is Blinkist the Netflix of books?

What Blinkist offers its members

Blinkist really has something. Forget the awful title, and the attempt to present the service as the internet equivalent of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends: as you can see from the advert above, reading makes you a better …

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