Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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How TrendMD uses collaborative filtering to show relatedness

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TrendMD is (as its website states) “a content recommendation engine for scholarly publishers, which powers personalized recommendations for thousands of sites”. An interesting blog post by Matt Cockerill of TrendMD (published February 2016) claims “TrendMD’s collaborative filtering engine improves clickthrough rates 272% …

How to define ontology in a limerick

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This blog has contained several versions of ontology definitions (here and here), but I’ve never seen one in the form of a limerick before, and I couldn’t resist quoting it. This is by Margie Hlava, and all credit …

Single Figure Publications and nano-publications

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Single Figure Publications is an interesting idea by William Mobley published in F1000Research. F1000Research is “a publishing platform offering immediate publication of posters, slides and articles with no editorial bias, [but with] transparent peer review” Mr Mobley proposes in his …

Making Metadata work (ISKO June 2014)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

David Penfold pointed out that the title of this one-day ISKO course (June 23, 2014) was ambiguous: was “making metadata work” about giving ourselves a lot of work to do as we try to sort out metadata? Or was it bringing …

Still more ontology definitions

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Regular readers of this blog will notice an ongoing series of definitions of the term “ontology”. Here is another one, by Tom Gruber, dating from 2009 (in the Encyclopedia of Database Systems, Springer-Verlag, 2009).

an ontology defines a set of …

MarkLogic to add linked data to content

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The announcement that MarkLogic is to add linked data storage to its native XML content repository (April 2013), which was then discussed by David Gorbet at the recent ML User Group London (shown in the photo) was perhaps not so surprising.…

Words with many meanings: “semantic”

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Semantic web, semantic search, semantic this, semantic that – it’s enough to make a linguist or philosopher sigh with despair when the term is bandied about like this. Within specific domains such as philosophy or linguistics, there is a pretty …

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