Some implications of "digital" for scholarly writing and publishing

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What is the link between French postmodernism and knowledge graphs?

Sounds unlikely, but that was the basis for a remarkable talk by Bob Kasenchak (co-authored by Ahren Lehnert) at an ISKO Meetup (14 June 2022). The talk began in uncompromising fashion with the cover of a famous work by French postmodernist philosopher Gilles Deleuze and …

What are Wikipedia categories for?

“Partial view of Wikipedia’s category system from 2007. Arrows point from category to sub-category.”

I’ve written before about Wikipedia categories, using the example of a brand of toothpaste, and this post is an attempt to understand them a bit better. And to ask the …

Are there good and bad metaphors?

George Lakoff is famous (according to Wikipedia) for the “conceptual metaphor theory”, which is that people are influenced by the metaphors they use.

Intrigued by this claim, I read the short book Metaphors We Live By (1980), by Lakoff and co-author Mark Johnson.  Sure enough, …

How taxonomy becomes political

A recent book on Alfred Kinsey (Donna Drucker, The Classification of Sex, University of Pittsburgh Press) describes Kinsey’s great innovation as taxonomic.

By ordering individuals on a scale of 0-6 instead of a heterosexual-bisexual-homosexual triad model (or even a binary heterosexual-homosexual model), Kinsey shifted

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