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A recent book on Alfred Kinsey (Donna Drucker, The Classification of Sex, University of Pittsburgh Press) describes Kinsey’s great innovation as taxonomic.

By ordering individuals on a scale of 0-6 instead of a heterosexual-bisexual-homosexual triad model (or even a binary heterosexual-homosexual model), Kinsey shifted the modern conversation about sexual behavior toward a form of classification that re-envisioned a world in which multiple varieties and combinations of sexual desire, behavior, and fantasy would be culturally, scientifically, and politically normal.

[quoted by Ivan Crozier in the TLS March 20  2015]

A simple act of reclassification helped change the way society viewed sexual orientation. It would be good to think that every new taxonomy (linked, as here, to a new way of sampling and analyzing data) could change the way the world thinks!